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“Every day that goes by, those children suffer because they don’t get everything that they truly need, especially at the most critical time of their lives. They’ve been abused. We can’t imagine the trauma that they’ve faced,” he said. The lawsuit alleges that with increased unemployment numbers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these dollars are even more critical to relative foster families. Ken DeWees became a relative foster parent six months ago when he agreed to take in his two grandchildren after they were removed from their home. “Both of the parents have issues. This is the second time they were taken away – the first time they were fortunate enough to stay with family,” he said. DeWees is not a direct plaintiff in the lawsuit, but would be among the beneficiaries if the plaintiffs were to succeed. The lawsuit aims to force the state to release the money that the 2017 court ruling said was due, Dawahare said. DeWees said he quit his job at Honda to take check my source care of his grandkids, but now has no income and is living off his 401K benefits to help cover expenses for the children.  Expenses that should be covered under the Foster Care Maintenance Payments, which are intended to help pay for food, clothing, shelter and other needs of the children, the lawsuit alleges.

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